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Content Hub – the most comprehensive video content service there is for international brands - based on the standards and best practices of the world's best filmmakers. We combine content management and distribution with rights management, monitoring and archiving. Worldwide. Personally managed. Tailored to your individual needs.


We receive all of your brand's or product's advertising films from around the world, both from partner agencies as well as directly from the production companies - we are where all the threads come together.


After reviewing the technical and content quality of the files, we make all of the adaptations for and directly distribute them to the social media channels, TV and cinema. In doing so, we create special workflows customized precisely to your content, in line with your CI - as if we were part of your company.


We keep and file all usage rights for all talent, music, voiceovers and images. In doing so, we - as Germany's largest film postproduction company - draw on more than a century of experience in moving pictures and respond quickly, straightforwardly and reliably to our customers' wishes.



Incoming inspection | Material inspection

We subject all film files we receive to a thorough material inspection upon their arrival, examining them for technical, content-related and legal issues. We check how the brand and its products are presented and make sure that the materials meet the general visual demands of customer communication, so that your brand looks as premium as it is.


Technical inspection:

• Codec, frame rate

• Resolution

• Blankings

• Black frames, double / freeze frames

• Broadcast safe

• Blockings / Image artefacts, warping

• Matte / VFX / Compositing / Grading errors

• Unwanted reflections / Surroundings / Backgrounds

• Continuity errors (if continuity is intended)

• Differences between various cutdowns (e.g. color shifts)

• Noise, loudness Level

• Broadcast-safe audio


CI inspection:

• Font type in line with CI

• Font size in line with CI

• Disclaimer size, duration und variation

• Logos, TVC ending and opener

• Sound logo


Content inspection:

• Ensuring that the product is presented as the brand image requires

• Taking into account market-specific product variants

• Taking into account country-specific cultural/legal requirements



We create all adaptations required for social media channels, TV and cinema worldwide, making sure we meet the technical requirements of each country, market and channel. We only make content changes that affect products and CI compliance in close collaboration with the respective brand management.



We distribute the finished social media, TV and cinema commercials directly to the channels, using our company's proven, TISAX-certified tool Webgate.io to ensure trouble-free delivery. We ensure top security through encryption, personalized access and constant monitoring.


Rights management and monitoring

We round off our full-service portfolio by offering unrivaled management and monitoring of rights. We ensure that all usage rights for all talent, music and images are acquired and securely filed. This enables our clients to negotiate buyouts with the production company whenever desired.


We copy your data, verified and in duplicate, onto LTO. The data carriers are identified with barcodes and archive signatures and managed and stored using our computerized storage system. And we are of course happy to offer you restore processes for your stored data.