Dailies Player Out Now!

Dailies Player Out Now!

ARRI Webgate's new Dailies Player app is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The Dailies Player app is ARRI Webgate's video player, tailored to the needs of viewing dailies. The app is a free download and uses the data of your ARRI Webgate account.


Fast Navigation

Navigate quickly between your segments using the Room Selection. View your dailies in playlists grouped by shooting day as usual, or gain a quick overview of all shots, including metadata, with the Clip view.


Player Functions

Skip 10 seconds back and forth within a video, or frame by frame. Want to check your framing? Have framelines displayed in all the customary aspect ratios. You can also choose to display the source timecode of the clips over the picture if you want. Set the streaming resolution to suit the available bandwidth.


Offline Playback

Your internet connection is bad on set but you want to view your dailies? No problem! Download the dailies to your iPhone or iPad and watch them without being online. The videos are encapsulated in the app and cannot be copied.


Mirroring on Apple TV

You want to view the dailies on the TV in your hotel room after the day's shoot? No problem with the Mirror function. With an Apple TV you can play your dailies on TV with one click.



In ARRI Webgate, you can upload metadata on all shots using an ALE file. You can filter for the metadata you need in the app. This enables you to view shots of a specific scene, day of shooting, episode or reel. All filter functions are available in both online and offline mode. If the shots are marked Take or Outtake, you can have all outtakes hidden. Also, all good takes are marked to make them easy for you to find.



Of course, all data are just as safe in the Dailies Player as they are in ARRI Webgate. Regular audits guarantee the safety of the data. The access rights are identical to those for ARRI Webgate. If a project has a standard watermark, all videos are played with the project-wide burn-in. For additional protection, a personalized overlay can be set for all users of the app, which superimposes the user's name over the video.


mehr dazu: https://arriwebgate.com/en/features/dailies_player