We show your true colors.


Your look, your colors – our specialists: With our creative team of experienced and outstanding colorists, we offer you professional color grading in Grading Cinemas that encompasses all project-specific combinations of resolution, frame rate, 2D/3D and contrast.

Whether you need HD, 2K, 4K, UHD, 24 or High Frame Rate, 2D or 3D, in any HDR standard, home entertainment or movie theater – our cutting-edge equipment and know-how mean we can master any color challenge.

For example, in our Dolby Vision Grading Cinema (btw. the only one of its kind outside the US, and if desired in collaboration with your own colorists.

PHAROS gives you exactly the look you want.

Color & Data Workflow Consulting

Wondering what to do? We can help. Use our comprehensive understanding and experience from on-set camera workflows all the way through to post-production and archiving. We are happy to help with any creative and economic concerns you might have, beginning as early as pre-production. We can advise you on a workflow appropriate to your budget, while maintaining and maximizing quality and providing future-proof solutions for backup, archiving and repurposing.

Digital Dailies

Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the entire post-production workflow. We can provide the best solution for your dailies. We can help create a look in pre-production, use a preview look on-set or set your look in final color grading. Everything is possible.

Editorial & Conforming

Do you need assistance with sound syncing to get everything ready for the editor? No problem, please ask. We can bring clarity and structure to logistically complex and time critical projects. Our team is flexible when it comes to special needs, like exchanging images during final grading or a sudden tighter time-schedule. Perhaps you need help, even after the release? Perhaps other versions are needed? That’s why we’re here.

DI/Color Correction

Do you need 4K/UHD in combination with HDR or the classic 2K/HD? No problem. Could be you need two colorists working in parallel on one project due to time constraints. You’ll be pleased to learn of our “Flexi-Suite“. Color grading and conforming are closely linked, so we can easily handle even the most complex projects. Last but not least, we are truly proud of our excellent colorists.


Upon request, you are welcome to rent an editing room. Or, perhaps, you need some assistance with sound syncing in order to prep for the editor? No problem, please ask.