Rushes: Daily without hectic.


Well supported, every day: On-set, near-set or at one of our numerous company locations, we take a load off your mind and shoulders – while making sure your central themes come through.

Alongside constant quality testing, color adaptation and data storage, our dailies service also encompasses all the digital work required – and if desired even comprehensive project and cost monitoring.


Of course, that is only possible with technology and processes that meet the strictest of security demands.

On-set Dailies / Near-set Dailies / Digital Dailies

Your wish is our command. Whether you need digital dailies on the set, in a hotel room or at one of our offices, we are here for you.



On-set Color Management

We will make sure your project has a distinctive and unique look. In pre-production, our colorists can collaborate with your creative talent to develop the look you want. Once on the set, director, cinematographer and producers will then get a better idea of your creative vision, with you maintaining full control of the images. During post-production, we continue to be open to creative changes and alterations. We can assist with RAW, 2K and 4K workflows, we can develop specific looks scene by scene and we can help with reorders and creative look changes at any point during the production process. You name it; everything is possible.

Monitor & Display Calibration

What you see is what you get. That's our promise. We put the greatest possible attention to the calibration of our monitors. If you need some of your other monitors calibrated as well, that is easily done. We are here to help you achieve the best possible results.


We are the "bank" for your camera data! Analogue to the original negatives, the original digital camera data is your capital. Accordingly, we offer you comprehensive data handling throughout the entire post-production process up to archiving.


of course you can also rent an editing room. Or, perhaps you just need some assistance with sound syncing in order to prep for the editor? This, too, is not a problem. Just ask.