Old assets in new splendor.


With devotion and sticky tape: We view, evaluate and restore historical film treasures. With meticulous manual craftsmanship, our specialists preserve everything that can be saved – for instance by redoing splices, cleaning or repairing the perforations.

And if you wish, we round off this artistic work by transferring the material into the digital world – with ARRISCAN, in resolutions up to 6K. We carefully digitally retouch your gems and give them a final color grading that is true to the film’s origins.


In short: As experts in all the skills and know-how of classical film restoration, digital restoration and archival preservation, we protect historical, valuable and unique properties against the ravages of time.

Give classics a future. With PHAROS.

Material Research & Documentation

The recovery process of a cinematic work begins with the study and examination of the material and ends with the documentation of the work performed. The analysis and comparison of the available items and non-film sources allows for the creation of an optimized workflow for the project restoration and serves as a basis for a binding project planning and cost analysis. All phases of work, including any problems encountered along the way and their resulting solutions, will be completely and precisely documented.



Film Repair & Cleaning

The repair of historic film footage requires a high level of technical skills, years of experience in handling film and a sound knowledge of a wide variety of film material, various color processes and the development and printing processes of the past.

The main aim of film repair is to restore the film material so that it can be properly digitized. Tools such as scissors, scalpels, swabs, solvents, specialty film tape and specialized film glue for Nitrate film are used. All splices are checked and, if necessary, professionally repaired or secured. Film cracks and destroyed perforations are optimally prepared moving through the ARRISCAN.

Film Scanning

The ARRISCAN is equipped with powerful options for the gentle treatment of historic film material. It provides a careful film movement without sprockets to transport the film, added by the ability to vary transport speed and tension and re-adjust framing. Film shrinkage of up to 3.5% and up to six missing perforations present no problems. The unique ARRISCAN wet gate option will automatically hide scratches and other surface imperfections. Therefore even the most delicate and valuable aged film materials can be scanned in the best image quality of up to 6K resolution.



Digital Restoration

The two leading software restoration tools "Diamond" by HS type and "PF Clean" by Pixel Farm are available on multiple workstations at ARRI Media in Berlin and Munich for digital restoration of classic films . The scope extends from semi-automatic retouching of dirt, dust and scratches to manual restoration of complex images due to damage or fungus.



Color Grading

Mastering DCI - DCP, DCDM, HDTV

Archival Preservation Service