Our VFX-Services for your Film

For VFX compositing, 3D computer animation and film titles design, we offer a full-service package. Long before shooting starts we can collaborate through personal consultations, conceptual ideas from the Art Department, and support during principal photography, all of which is - naturally - accomplished at the highest standard. Our VFX artists have amassed a long list of internationally successful productions and awards and are supported by experienced technicians and an extensive network of freelancers. We have put together a specially designed workflow that connects all VFX departments in all locations to ensure the smoothest work experience possible. Through our specially developed database the customer is always informed of the cost and status of each VFX shot.



Pre-production & Set Supervision

Long before principal photography starts, our team can work with the producers and director to form first ideas and sketches of the VFX shots. During this process we can also advise on the technical implementation of the visual effects, careful to take into account both scheduling and budget concerns. A unique look and design, storyboards and solutions for pre-viz will be developed for your project - optimally laid out advice from the initial idea to the final film image. On-set support for VFX shots during the actual shoot completes the package.


Project management is a full service package: your personally appointed producer will accompany you during the entire project. Together with the production team, director and cinematographer, the ideal constellation of visual effects is calculated, planned and implemented; from script to screen your producer will keep a vigilant lookout for the calculated VFX budget and schedule.

2D Compositing & 3D Animation

To create complex imagery on time and with the highest quality, our compositing artists utilize state of the art software and hardware, shaping the digital effects for your films, TV movies or high-end commercials. Our computer animation artists are masters of all CGI areas such as modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, character animation and fluid dynamics – all, of course, also available in stereo 3D.

Title Design

We care about creating the perfect introduction to your project. We will carefully craft the title sequence, the narrative before the actual story unfolds, each title tailored with a stylish visual aesthetic. Likewise, the proper design of the end credits completes your movie. We will also be glad to take on the graphic design of your trailer.